Analysis of Scott Gym

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Scott Gym Diagrams

I first analyzed the circulation that happened around the east and south sides of the gym.  The proposed location of the Design Thinking Studio is the basement of Scott Gym and currently only accessible on the south side of the building.  Much of the pedestrian traffic on the side path is headed for the main or side entrance of the gym.  Main takeaway from the diagram? Not a lot of the student body travels to the southeastern corner of the gym.  This highlights the importance of designing an entrance and pathways that make the location more appealing.

The second diagram illustrates the angle of the sun on the morning of November 16, 2015.  The location of the proposed entrance is situated on the southeast corner, so the site would receive the most sunlight in the morning.  This affects the possible materials used in the design ie. the use and placement of glass.  When designing the entrance, I’d like to keep with the Smith tradition of creating something relevant to the architecture of today, but because of the proximity and relationship with Scott Gym, I’d like to keep some principles to acknowledge the history of the space.



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