Thoughts on the First Analysis of Scott Gym

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In my first analysis of Scott Gym, I found that Scott Gym brings many challenges to the design of the entrance for the Design Thinking Initiative space. The facade of side entrance of Scott Gym has repetition, datum, symmetry, and hierarchy as organizing principles. As shown in the image below, I focus on the hierarchy of the building. The side entrance and stairs stand out a lot among the rest of the organizing principles. The stairs, which is extended from the building can cause confusion, especially when most pedestrian traffic comes from the direction of Sage Hall. People might find the stairs out of place as they do not lead to the Design Thinking Initiative space. Walking around the stairs to get to the Design Thinking Initiative space might cause inconvenience. The path next to the building is narrow. However, the demolition of the house next to the building will bring opportunities for making the design of the entrance more opening and convenient.

The direction at which the entrance will be facing can play a role in making the space more inviting and welcoming. The demolition of the house will open new ways that can spread the heavy pedestrian traffic from the path between Sage Hall and Josten Library to Belmont Avenue that is to the right of Mendenhall Center and goes down towards Scott Gym. Also, one question that came to mind was “how do people get to the space?” All students can bike, walk, and drive to the space. However, not all modes of transportation leads directly to the space. Parking bikes by the entrance of Scott Gym and Josten Library requires walking to the Design Thinking Initiative space.

Some questions that came up when doing this analysis are:

  • Where will the entrance of the space face?
  • Where can bike racks be placed?
  • How else can users access the space?
  • How to promote other paths that are not heavily used?
  • How will the new entrance look in the context of its surrounding?
  • Will the new entrance incorporate the organizing principles of the surrounding buildings?
  • Can the parking lot have path that leads to the entrance?

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