Initial Analysis of Scott Gymnasium

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IMG_7408The most immediate complication when looking at potential entrances for Design Thinking is the fact that it is not located in a frequently populated area of campus. We want this entrance to stand out and draw in foot traffic without detracting majorly from the Scott Gym facade. This means that even though the space in Design Thinking through which we must enter is located directly below Scott Gym, we must design and entrance that is entirely removed from the gym it’s self. It is also important that the entrance sits in harmony with the surrounding buildings, so by looking at the architectural ordering principles such as symmetry, hierarchy, transformation, and repetition, I was able to gather design techniques that could translate well into the entrance, while simultaneously complimenting the backdrop of Scott Gym.

Another challenge with the Design Thinking space is its lack of natural light. Because it is entirely underground, there are no windows, creating the potential for a dark and slightly claustrophobic space. I want to explore the ways in which I can maximize the daily natural light entering the space through the entrance.

I will explore these issues of attracting students and visitors to the space and maximizing the available natural light as I continue to get a better understanding of what I want to the entrance design to look like.

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