Analysis of Proposed Space

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In my analysis of the proposed entrance to the Design Thinking building near Scott Gym, I focused on the pedestrian and vehicular circulation of the outdoor space, and on repetition and perspective from the spot that I imagine will get the most car traffic. The first part of my analysis was an aerial diagram of the space surrounding Scott Gym, including the ITT, Ainsworth, the Health & Wellness Center, and the roads and parking lots that border those sites. What I have illustrated in my first diagram is that most pedestrian traffic for this space will come from the area between the front right corner of Scott Gym and the Health and Wellness Center, as that is the most central-facing portion of the site. There is also the potential for foot paths coming from the back side of the ITT, and from the sidewalks that border the roads. View A is marked on my first diagram and expanded on the second, where a perspective view is illustrated from one of the pedestrian walkways. From this angle, the repetition in shape and rhythm of windows is highlighted, as it allows for a consistent framework from which to understanding the pacing of the space.


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