Starting the process: analyzing proposed space

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img002This project is exciting, but also kind of overwhelming. There are so many different directions I could go in, so many different possibilities to pursue.

We started by analyzing the space around the site, which was a great way to begin to identify the needs, requirements, and restrictions of the space. I made a circulation diagram and two perspective drawings to give a general idea of the other structures around the site and the movement that takes place there.

After spending some time at the site, taking lots of pictures, and just generally getting a feel for the atmosphere, I was inspired by two things:

  1. the various changes in elevation that occur on and around the site; the area where the entrance is supposed to go slopes upwards towards the front of Scott Gym and behind the site, Belmont Avenue has a steep slope in the same direction. I think it might be interesting to play with this elevation by either mirroring or contrasting these slopes.
  2. the houses on Belmont Avenue with a series of gabled roofs descending down the hill.

Hopefully I can pair this inspiration with the requirements of the structure. I’m still brainstorming, but I think I’ll be more successful in coming up with a solid idea if I draw inspiration from the site rather than from thin air. Again, there are so many different directions I could go in, so I need to keep my brainstorming grounded in something!



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