Design Thinking Entrance Proposal

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Project Guidelines: The entrance had to fit into a 19 ft x 47 ft space.

Objective: For the entrance was to create a multipurpose, open space. My space is very open, with lots of large windows to allow lots of light in and provide outside views of the interior. It allows for people to simply use it to just go downstairs to the Design Thinking space, to study, or to chat with friends.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 7.24.11 PM Zoe Mitrisin 2

Hand-drawings of my proposed entrance

Design: I wanted to keep the space simple and modern, so that it would stand out from Scott Gym. With this being said, I still wanted it to somehow tie into the space it was next to. In order to do this, I focused on the repetition of the windows of Scott Gym and made the exterior mimic this repetition by splitting it up into three boxes. Although the exterior looks like it forms three separate spaces, the interior is one connected space that allows for easy access to the benches, stairs, and elevator.

The roof is a green roof, which is both sustainable, and alludes to the idea that it is underground without being underground. I thought this would be a nice touch considering the space it’s leading to is underground.



Rhino rendering of the entrance

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