Design Process for Entrance Proposal

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The first step of the project, and my first post on the blog focused on the existing space where we are hoping Design Thinking will be in the next 5 or 6 years. Before any designing could take place we needed to fully understand where we were and how the space is used, what it looks like, who goes there, etc. Once this was completed I began drafting some ideas that would be appealing and draw people into Design Thinking. Some ideas were better than others, but I came up with my initial design that included a two-story glass tower which houses an elevator and a spiral staircase down into Design Thinking and a deck that runs on the same axis as the door entering into Scott Gym from the East facade, which is accessible by a ramp that also curves around the glass tower. I wanted to play with different levels and inside vs. outside spaces in my design to contrast with the most obvious physical attribute of the space Design Thinking is proposing to be located which is 20 feet underground. The deck brings visitors of the space up and outside which is something the underground space cannot achieve. The glass tower with a spiral staircase down will also bring in natural light to the lower level.



img013                 img011

I presented these ideas with a couple sketches to my classmates, as well as Zaza and Professor Middlebrook who all offered critiques and suggestions. They helped me get to a place where I felt my design was more cohesive, clear and practical. The basic concept of my design remained but smaller details were refined that changed the overall appearance for the better. The deck changed from having a corner to being curved, which matched the style of the cylindrical tower it was connected to and also became accessible by a door in the tower (the spiral staircase continued up opposite the way it previously only went down into DT). A column was added to support the force of the deck which was necessary structurally. And more thought about where accessories (tables, benches, plants, flowerbeds and sidewalks) would be placed. In images 2 and 3 you will see my finalized plans of both the upper and lower level of the entrance and a perspective drawing that shows how natural elements such as flowers and shrubs could be used in the space.


Brittney Blokker - perspective           Brittney Blokker - final plans

These are just a couple representations of the proposal but hopefully they paint a clear picture as to what I am imagining.

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