Final Design Proposal

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For the Design Thinking entrance, I wanted to create a social space that would reflect the proposed mobility of walls that the interior architects envisioned for the inside of the Design Thinking building. My entrance has movable, accordion-style glass walls on all sides, that allow the space to be indoor/outdoor in the warmer seasons, and confined in the colder ones. The movable walls will allow for outdoor social space and a highly malleable overall design. Stark differences in summer and winter circulation are the product of this open layout. In addition to the outward surrounding landscape, the entrance is removed 5 feet from the wall of Scott Gym, making a space for a rain garden that would be exposed in every season and would be conducive to social seating in the warmer months. On the vertical plane of this garden space would be a plant wall, adding to the “green” aesthetic of the area. As for the entrance to the design thinking building underneath Scott Gym, an elevator with a wrap-around staircase lay at the largest and most exposed section of the indoor area. The entrance space is accompanied by a fireplace to encourage indoor circulation, as well as benches and sofas for patron interaction. Overall, I wanted to create a green, social space that would be flexible and accommodate a variety of functions.
Molly Ackerman

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