Final Design Thinking Entrance

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Zarah FerrariZarah FerrariZarah FerrariFor my final design for design thinking, I wanted to create an entrance that was modern, different, and reflected the ‘new wave’ of design that I anticipated would come with the Design Thinking Initiative being started at smith campus. A wave is something that is always moving, shifting, and teeming with life. To emanate this concept, I created a design for a steel and glass wave entrance, emerging from two grassy waves on land. It is sculptural and eye-catching, gaining visibility for an area that is normally free of foot traffic. Furthermore, I wanted to alter the circulation of the area, using the waves of land and a line of trees to keep the public from the entrance, and draw students into the outdoor space in front of the entrance. To additionally draw people to this space, I incorporated tables, and a café for late night studying. A glass round elevator takes students into the design studio. This process was long and full of iterations, but I ultimately created a space that incorporates art, socializing, and connection with the outside environment. With my design, the design thinking entrance will spark interest, galvanize creativity, and draw students and faculty alike into the design thinking space.Zarah Ferrari

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