Final Design Thinking Proposal

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My main objective for the entrance was to design an open and welcoming space that could be used for a variety of different activities useful for all creative thinkers.   Because the dimensions of the entrance had to fit within 19 x 47 ft, I decided to add a second floor; the first floor could be used as a space conducive for small group study or a general meeting place.  In the initial meeting, Zaza mentioned that the studio space below could also be used by different departments.  With that in mind, I left the second floor of the entrance open so that it could be used as a private practice studio for dancers or as a space for student exhibitions.  The balcony extends off of the second floor with a courtyard below that would allow students to study/hangout when the weather was nice.

I wanted the aesthetics of the entrance to acknowledge the previous historical use of the studio space, so I used the three boilers from the basement and converted them into an elevator shaft.  I then wrapped the stairs around the elevator to maximize the area of available space.  The overall shape of the building was inspired by the doors of Scott Gym and is reminiscent of early 20th century greenhouses.  In order to give the entrance a contemporary feel, the materials used to build the entrance will be materials that are commonly used in modern architecture such as structural glass and steel.  The glass is especially important in giving the space an open and welcoming atmosphere.  I want to make the ground floor structural glass to allow natural light into the studio space, but there are some logistical problems that would still need to be thought out.

Some things in the design to think about:

Heating and cooling in the building

Structural supports for the stairs and balcony

Glass transparency in the floor




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