Amanda Lavond’s Reflection

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Although this class was only a week long, I felt as though it was a thorough introduction into the timeline the design thinking process. Allowing us to choose problems that we had a connection to made the class enjoyable, and every day I was excited to come to class and see how we were going to shift from framing questions into making a product. I loved the structure of class time, and how we were able to apply concepts learned in class to the projects we were working on. After taking a design course last year, I thought that I tried to dive in and problem solve too much, so for the duration of this class I worked on staying broad until it was the right time to become specific. With this mindset, I thought that brainstorming was really fun because there really was no limit to how outrageous an idea could be. Being able to take all of these large ideas and find good qualities in them and turn them into one ‘super product’ was really rewarding for me. I think I learned a lot about how the design thinking process flows and now have a much better understanding of when to be broad and when to be specific.

Rather than see it as a constraint, I saw the time limit of the class to be a strength, allowing me to embrace failure and suggest ideas that I would overthink if given the time. I learned that giving myself a quick turn around allows me to be more creative and also makes me less attached to a design, so if it fails horribly I can learn from it rather than have it hold me back. While our final group product wasn’t necessarily “polished,” it still had good, user-based ideas that could be converted to something nicer given the time and money. I hope that in the semester long course we will be able to keep the rapid creativity that we had this week, and get the chance to polish our ideas/products up a bit as well.

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