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During this design thinking class, I really learned a lot about myself. Design thinking is something that I wasn’t’ really sure about. I have heard the word design used in multiple fields like graphic design, industrial design, and engineering design. These kind of shaped my perspective, but after doing some research on Google, I had understood that there was more about design thinking than what I had originally thought. As someone who plans to run a startup in the not too far future, I had realized that entrepreneurship in itself is design. Design is innovation. Design is human-centeredness. After taking the class, I was more aware of design thinking, and I started to see how it was incorporated into my everyday life. After a while, I started talking to my entrepreneur friends about design thinking, and it really opened up our conversations. I consider this class one of the more transformative types. It opens up your scope of thinking, and I really do appreciate what this class has done for me.

I really do think that after this class, I plan to incorporate design thinking in my startup goals, but saying that seems so limiting. I think that it is important to include the principles of design thinking in your everyday life. By doing this, the perspective that we see every day would expand. And that, I feel, is truly something exciting. Other ways on how I can see this extending my stay on Smith College is that I a m highly considering taking this as a full semester course. I could possibly take it next semester, but that might overload my day. Otherwise, I think it would be a really great class to end my senior year.

I like that in this class I was able to freely talk and be my authentic self. I wish this J-term class was longer, and that we had more to observe and interview. I wonder whether this class next J-term could be expanded to two weeks if there is a way to provide more wall space for writing.

I really will truly miss this class, and I wish that I could have more time to spend in this class. It was truly great experience, and I would love to see how it evolves.

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