IDP 400 Post-Election Prototypes

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Dear World

The week of the election we saw the beginning of a post-it note wall being created in the New York City Subway. From that and other projects from the past, we got inspired to make a wall of our own to display at Smith. While a physical wall was unattainable, we used a rolling whiteboard from the Design Thinking Initiative Studio to get individuals to share what they wanted with the world. With the sign, Dear World and the board, we left post-it notes, and markers to write with, and let the board be. There were quite a few post its by the end of the week, and weekend. While it didn’t expand and gain as many responses as the NYC subway wall, we were happy to get as much feedback as we did.

Cloudy Day

The anger and stress of the possibilities the election would enact for the lives of individuals and their loved ones was being felt across campus. With that, Bailey decided to spread love by printing sheets that were similar to flyers like “Lost Dog, please call 934-239-9833” including tear off tabs on the bottom to take the number with you. She chose to put a few of such flyers across campus with the phrases “You’re like sunshine on a cloudy day,” and, “Your smile is beautiful.” After a day or two the tear off tabs on each of the flyers, five in total (with all different sayings), were gone. Bailey felt like these were needed to share the love and the hope still able to be found in the world, and were a way for people to feel that love for themselves, or to share with those in their lives.