IDP 400 Test Stage

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Hosting the actual event was the most useful way for us to test the prototype as a whole. An ambitious project to execute in less than a month, our team got to work quickly to ensure that the festival would be a successful prototype. Originally, we had planned on reaching out to all of the orgs on campus to see if they would be interested in having a booth at our event or creating an art piece on campus to share their feelings. While the emails were sent out and some clubs responded with interest, we decided instead that we wanted to display our work for the festival because we wanted some more control as we worked out the kinks in the prototype. If we were to do this festival again, we would definitely ask orgs if they would like to contribute, and we would likely do this at least a month before the event so that the orgs could have time to think about what they wanted to contribute. Another logistical error we ran into was reserving space in the CC. Because we had such a quick turnaround in executing our project, we didn’t think to reserve space in the CC. We ended up having to switch days because we couldn’t book the CC for the day we originally wanted. While a fairly good amount of people came to our festival, we needed to do more advertising. Instead of putting up flyers before, we should have put flyers up weeks before, made banners, and created a Facebook event. In conjunction with the emails we would send to orgs making them aware of the festival, having these posters would ensure that all students knew about the event and had a chance to participate.

In terms of the event itself, there was some confusion about setting up and positioning even though we had made a layout. For future reference it would be good to make sure that there was a team of students available to set up the event. Because all of us had class until 11:50 or 12:10, there was a delay in the actual start of the festival. We had the right amount of food and a good range of music, but in the future it would be interesting to have a wider range of art installations, and to possibly have them scattered around campus rather than in one central area. Overall, the experience of the event and the interactions with users seemed to be mostly positive, so the idea of the festival if we were to do it on a large scale would likely be well received.