Individual Reflection – Amanda Lavond

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Having never joined a group project of this size, I was apprehensive that we would get successful and innovative work done. Combined with my nature to lead projects, taking this course for two credits put me in a weird limbo where I was more of a supporting player, but I seemed to do more than two credits of the work when it came to the final project. I contributed input for the majority of the semester, acting as a background player and adding my two cents when I felt it necessary. However, I put in a fair amount of work for the prototype to learn and the final prototype. I coordinated food for the event and organized the Jazz Club’s performance. I also had a booth and worked on my photo quilt. Lastly, I worked on organizing, writing, and editing the final portfolio. One of the largest things I struggled with this semester was the feeling of doing someone else’s project. Being a two-crediter, it was confusing what my role was in the grand scheme of things, when I should input information, and what tier of work I should have been doing compared to that of a three or four-crediter. I enjoyed making my photo quilt because it was an individual project that I could control and I felt as though I didn’t have much control over much else. In the future, I think the special studies groups should be smaller and more balanced- ie. one group of only 4-credits, one group of 2-credits, etc. I also wish that we referred back to the design thinking process more. Having a group of people who knew design thinking well and didn’t know design thinking as well was a complex thing to work through, and I feel as though if we all had a better knowledge of design thinking we would have had a stronger final project. Nonetheless, I was happy with the final project and would be interested in seeing what it would be like to iterate it again. I think it was good for me not to lead the project, and I think that I grew as someone who could listen to other’s ideas and contribute when I had a more thought-out idea.