Individual Reflection – Bailey Smith-Dewey

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As one of the members doing this course for three credits, I was a co-coordinator of team members and making sure our team was moving forward within the design steps.This coordination was a difficult task with ten members and the complicated schedules of each person made meeting up regularly an inconsistent occurrence. Because of that, I made full effort to get everyone on the same page throughout the semester by sending updates, and reminders.  I was deeply invested in the success of this project, and made a great effort to put my heart into each part. By doing so, this often meant contributing more than my fair share of work to make sure our project succeeded. I know I did all that was humanly possible to allow everyone chances to contribute their ideas and then make those ideas a reality. The effort I put in was more than I signed up for, in a good way that helped me understand the design process to a fuller extent.

This semester helped me realize how important coordination and personal investment in a project is. While I enjoyed the concept of the project, I believe it would have been better with a smaller and more connected group of individuals. I felt the most growth I gained was in my understanding of the various technological machines available for use. Also, I grew in my ability to connect with people of power, to gain clearance for different prototype installations. With such a massive project, with a variety of small moving parts, I was able to see how my definition of contribution was a stark contrast to other individuals. This difference will help me in the “real world” when putting effort into projects, and being mindful of those performance inconsistencies. Understanding what it means to be a true leader was also another major benefit of this semester. With these takeaways, I am able to understand the differences in how people work, and how to coordinate those differences into a collaborative project that will succeed.