Individual Reflection – Jackie Byun

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Having not taken IDP 316 and jumping right ahead into IDP 400, this situation was a bit challenging for me. I was not sure whether if I could take on a more leadership role because I did not have a lot of prior experience in design nor did I take the previous more foundational course. Therefore, I decided to take this class for 2-credits and I believe I was able to contribute and step up when I needed to in terms of designing and laser cutting the Smith ReACT stencils, and coordinating with WOZQ for the event. When our large team split off into two groups for the two separate prototype ideas, I generally led our group in terms of ideating sessions and communicating times to meet as well as reserving space in the CC to set up our prototype. The election times made it a vulnerable time for us to test out our idea but we were able to work with the concept of learn into our final group organized event which became known as Smith ReACT. I think one obstacle was working in such a large group where we don’t know the 2-creditors from the 3 or 4-creditors. I almost feel that if we established general roles and expectations from everyone at the beginning of the semester, it would have been easier to gage how much time we would actually be spending for this class. Additionally, it was very challenging to coordinate times that worked for everyone and I felt that this was the precondition as to whether our group was working productively or not. I could not make it to the Tuesday meetings because of my student job but I wished I could be there or had the meetings at a different time. Instead, I tried to make it up by attending almost all of the Friday and Sunday brunch meetings. In terms of how I think this group project worked out, I wish that we were able to start earlier with organizing Smith ReACT because I would have liked to have seen more student organizations and many of the people I reached out to could not participate on such a short notice. Overall I learned a lot about how to work in a large group especially on a project that focuses on empathizing with the target community. I hope to work on future projects similar to this to incorporate art and expression on campus.