IDP 116 Reading Response 1

In Reading Response by Jess Carboni

I’ve had a short introduction to design thinking prior to this course but have never actually learned or taken part in the process as a designer, so I’m looking forward to seeing that side of things. Most of my experience has consisted of answering questions asked of me for other people’s projects. This week I am most looking forward to the opportunity to expand and enhance my creative thinking as well as take part in the entirety of the design thinking process.
Design thinking is a process I feel I could apply to many different aspects of my life. Since its emphasis is on human-centered design it is not isolated to one topic or discipline. There are humans everywhere. The process is used to fulfill a need demonstrated by the user who is the focus of the process. In my life, I’ve seen many instances of the design thinking process but not known what to call it. Most often I’ve heard it called “critical thinking.” Design thinking, to me, is much more than simply thinking critically. The aspect of empathy is one that I think sets design thinking apart from other schools of thinking. Without empathy that connection to the user is lost and thus the focus on the user is lost. Being able to take in information from the user and tailor ideas and designs specifically for them is a strength of design thinking and one that I am excited to participate in.
In the reading, the thing that made me most excited was reading about the opportunities for real-world applications. A lot of times the processes that I’ve learnt have been theoretical or simulation so to have opportunities to work with clients and solve real problems using design thinking is something I’m greatly looking forward to this week.