IDP 116 REFLECTION 1: Initial Thoughts

In Reading Response by Elizabeth Boahen

Design thinking is creating with an empathetic mindset. It’s accepting ideas from any aspect of life to try and create a solution. It’s learning how to trust the process no matter how many failures occur. I feel that design thinking is all of these things, and also the ability to learn from the past and understand future repercussions.

By this I mean learning about what has been done, what people accepted as a solution, and also knowing that a solution created doesn’t just live in that moment. This can be sleek and modern doors that are visually appealing but are actually just Norman doors that distract people from the rest of the building. This can also be an intersection that makes all pedestrians cross the street at one time so that cars can avoid turning to turn on corners while pedestrians are crossing. The most powerful thing is understanding that many of the details overlooked in life, like was there a handle on the door you just used, were thought out by someone or some team.

I expect to explore this perspective. I’ve had a design centered mindset for a few years now. I’m definitely not a master at the design process but I’m always learning. I expect many sketches, a few prototypes, and maybe a frustrated moment. I also expect laughter, research on the smallest details, and fun with my team. My only concern is getting too bogged down in the research.