IDP 116- Reflection 1

In Reading Response by Sasha Belcher

I am very excited about this class and interested in the study of design thinking. I am generally drawn to a specific kind of class and it is exciting to get out of my comfort zone. I think it will be a tool that I will be able to apply to the work that I do on a daily basis especially when I am stuck and in need of a creative solution to a problem. I think that it is a really good structure to fall back on, for little things like homework as well as problems that face the world on a grander scale.

My greatest worry going into this week is simply that I am not particularly crafty. In the wallet challenge, I found myself having a lot of interesting ideas but not being able to display them on paper in a way that made it easy to understand for my partner. I am generally someone who is able to express my thoughts most easily through writing and not necessary making something physical. I think that this week I will have to fight the urge to write out all of my ideas and try my best to present them in a visual medium, maybe adding some written labels so everyone understands what I am presenting.

In the reading, I really enjoyed learning about the practical application of design thinking to a real-world problem. The problem itself was interesting to me because it was not something I had ever thought about. It liked reading the transcript because it was cool to see the design process of this group of people and the issues they faced and were able to solve. As the first assignment in this class, I was immediately able to see a real world application to what I was studying which makes me more excited to get into our own projects.