Part 1- Reflection

In Reading Response by Ashley Ng

My general concern for these few days is narrowing down on one idea as a group. I hope that we are able to collaborate each of our ideas into one entity. We are a given a very open-ended task which can be interpreted in numerous different ways. This open-endedness is both an opportunity for exploration but also a need to make effective decisions. Design thinking is a very important process of creativity and productivity behind many everyday objects in use today. It is not something people think about on a daily basis so it is important “to shine light on those cognitive processes that are hidden behind designed products”. The concept of design can be for personal use, functional use as well as a tool to help others. A person’s design for personal use can reflect their preferences in products, for example if aesthetics is an important component this will be noticed through the use of colour or style. I think that most people nowadays put aesthetics over practicality, this is especially true in the fashion world. While a particular design of shoe may look trendy and unique, it may not function as a good design because of its non-durability and uncomfortableness. The focus should be on designing products that are both functional and aesthetic because that’s how future designs will progress.