IDP116 Reflection

In Reading Response by Sula Demers

When I applied for this class, I had no clue what I was getting into. Design can mean any number of things and Design Thinking was even more vague to me.

I was and still am a little nervous and very excited to be taking this class. A little less so on the nervous part now, because when I signed up for this class I had no clue what design thinking was. Through our first class activity and the assigned reading, I have a much better picture of it now.

One of my favorite quotes from the reading describes Design Thinking as “Reflective conversation with its constituent  materials and also with oneself,” (Page 3) the quote really stands out to me as a good definition of Design Thinking. The design process example later on elaborated the concept more for me, this is my definition of Design Thinking:

Design Thinking is a process of invention or re-creation of an object or idea with input from the person the object or idea is created for. This process is shaped by one or more people working on the design, the Design Thinking process benefits from many points of view, and it maximized with collaboration and teamwork. The importance of testing and modeling during various stages of the design process allows thinkers to improve upon their design more and more.

The Design Thinking process makes sure every angle of a problem is covered with the design made to be the solution. It maximizes effort and efficiency of a team to create a well thought out solution. This process when applied to problems can yield amazing results.

I am excited to become more familiar with this process and hope it will improve my ability to think critically about how to create solutions to problems with creativity.

~ Sula Demers