Reflection 1

In Reading Response by Wen Yuhan

My biggest concern is to embrace new ideas and unknown situations. Every time I want to design something new, it’s difficult for me to take my time and enjoy the procedure. I always approach the problem with an idea that’s already wandering in my mind and tackle the issue with that idea. I want to learn to let go those ideas that bases on my assumptions and limited understandings. I hope this week, I will not be panic about how the design will go next and enjoy how we approach the final design step by step. I consider design thinking as means to solve a problem and meet people’s needs. It can also be creating needs or representing a lifestyle that people want to pursue. It influences the way designers think and learn. Nowadays, designs focus not only on efficiency, but also on social background to better serve the users. As the example of the bottle-feeding prosthetic shows, design thinking can be inspired by social change. Because human culture is developed enough that people care more than food and shelter, demands for a high-quality lifestyle emerge and push design thinking to solve social problems beyond productivity. Creativity is the tool to achieve the goal. It also broadens the concept of designers since anyone can be creative with their unique mindset and experience. The process of design thinking is very reflective. Designers and users interact like playing a catch-ball game: in each round designers try to feel as users do and make prototypes, while users give feedback. I once read about a design of underwear that helps girls in Africa to go to school by making their periods easier and less embarrassing. A good design like this pushes social change. That is my ideal type of design thinking.