IDP 116 Reading Response 2

In idesign, Reading Response by Jess Carboni

At the beginning of the course I was unsure about my creativity and nervous about my design abilities. Throughout the process, however, I have become more comfortable in a creative setting and I find it easier to be collaborative with others.  I attribute this to working in a team and working through the prototyping stage.

For me, it was exciting to work on a real-world problem that would directly impact someone in my community.  Being able to interact with the user made my work in the prototyping stage more focuses but also more pressured.  I wanted to make sure my work would be useful for the user.  In prototyping, I learned that the first idea isn’t always the best idea and sometimes to fix it you can make a minor shift instead of scrapping it all together.

This mindset is one that I will carry with me through my other classes at Smith and my interactions with people both on and off campus.  There have been many instances in my life where I have given up on an idea because it didn’t work the first time and rather than making small adjustments I moved on to a completely new idea.  In my mind, a major shift had to be made if the first idea didn’t work.  This class has taught me that the first idea is just a prototype and it doesn’t always have to work.  With feedback my direction can be altered to better fit the user and I can make whatever shifts I need to so the design can adapt to new or changing needs.

My change in thinking has been one of my most noticeable changes throughout this course.  I feel more confident to fail, shift my thinking, and alter my design to account for different variables.