IDP 116 REFLECTION 2: Powerful Post-its

In idesign, IDP 116, Reading Response by Elizabeth Boahen

The design process asked us to gather a lot of information on just one person and sum them up in Post-it notes. Looking back, it’s strange that we are able to make a wall full of Post-its so powerful. But then again, it’s amazing to see that 30 minutes of one person’s time can lead to a wall full of Post-its. This course has made me rethink how well I know the people around me, but more so how much time do I spend getting to know them. It also made me think about what custom made really means.

My team worked to make our solution as close to our user as possible, considering everything from her interests to favorite color. We wanted our user to know that what we made was for her and no one else. That wasn’t easy but boy did it feel great to let her put on the finishing touches.

The design process is more than how to make a thing, it’s how to make something that means something. Something that tells a story.