IDP 116- Second Reading Response- Alexandra Belcher

In idesign, Reading Response by Sasha Belcher

This class has been a reflective journey for me in that I discovered that I in some ways already thought like a designer, maybe missing some of the prototyping steps depending on what I am working on. When I write I prototype a lot. I need to write multiple drafts of something before I can even think about turning it in, which is something that I have heard many people say goes away as they spend more time in college. I want to keep that drafting system a part of my life. However, in terms of theatre design, as a designer, director or as a stage manager trying to figure out her perfect system, I tend to have an idea and stick to it for good, skipping the prototyping step. This class has made me think about incorporating some of the prototyping skills I learned in this course to that kind of work.

It is really interesting to look back on the example that was given in the reading after having a somewhat similar experience with prototyping. I now have a much better sense of what the people described in the reading were doing as they created a false breast for women with HIV to feed their babies. One thing that I thought about a lot was the difference between working in a group of two versus a larger group as described in the reading. Both options have their pros and cons. I like working in small groups because it is far less likely that there would be disagreement or that the other members would be hard to work with but it was really interesting to watch the people in the reading bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate in a way that felt spontaneous. Maybe it would be interesting to incorporate that kind of teamwork somewhere in the class even if it is not in the final project.