IDP116 Reflection 2

In idesign, Reading Response by Sula Demers

The formula for design thinking is easy enough to understand, but it is impossible to put into practice alone. Not only is teamwork key between the designer and user, but I have found in class that completing this design program without a design team would have been restricting. We would not have made it as far as we did without everyone on the team.

Without Yuhan’s contributions, we would have had no clue making a holographic addition to our project was actually possible. Without Ashley’s ability to format all of our ideas into a 2D phone app model, we would not have much of a design to present. And I contributed dinosaurs? That is the magic of teamwork haha.

The point is, at every stage of the production we each contributed any and all ideas that came into our heads, no matter how insignificant or impossible they seemed at the time. All of our collective brainstorming is what really made our project emerge into something really cool!

The project became more than us or our user. It became a larger goal, a bonding experience, and an experiment in design thinking.