IDP 116: Reflection II

In idesign, IDP 116, Reading Response by Elsie Odhiambo

Throughout the class this week, I found myself in challenging positions where I had to do something that I have not done before. But being more of a thinker than a creator, I was tempted to have everything clearly planned out before I could dive into the protocols. However, with time, I realized that sometimes the most effective way to solve a problem is to dive into the possible solutions, try them out and tweak them appropriately as you test them. I became very comfortable with beginning processes without knowing what end result to expect and just keeping an open mind and being aware that my initial ideas could possibly change completely. This is one thing that I especially would like to apply outside the scope of this class. Many times I shy away from building on ideas that I have just because I do not see a clear path that I can follow to achieve the end goal.

This class also helped me learn that I do not need to exactly know how a design works for me to prototype it. For instance, I do not necessarily need to know how to code in order to prototype an app. Instead, I can use other available materials to simulate the design as best as possible and gaining (or outsourcing) the skill needed to build the actual design at a later time. Additionally, the class cemented the idea that design is not about me but about the user. Therefore whenever designing, my main focus should be placed on how the user feels about the design and if it solves a particular problem that they have. Finally, I learnt that understanding the user form a non-prejudiced position is also important in gathering honest and useful insights that inform my design.