IDP316 – Object of Dissent

In IDP 316 - Portfolio by Lucy Kneissler

For my object of dissent, I chose to use my dress shoes that I typically wear to interviews and recruiting events. I kept one shoe as it was: plain, black, and a bit boring! I decorated the other heel with flower patterns, pipe cleaners, and colorful duck tape. Lately, as I think more about what I want to do as a career after Smith, I’ve been trying to search for a profession that would allow me to utilize the creative parts of my brain. As an Economics and Math student, I often feel pressured by my peers and professors to go into fields such as corporate finance or consulting. I wanted to use my own high heels as the object of dissent to symbolize that there is no one right path for everyone. That is, you can ‘walk the road less travelled’ and use your degree in areas outside your field of study. My dissent object is also a referendum on the types of questions I usually get asked in finance interviews: technical questions, ‘walk me through your resume,’ ‘why did you choose Smith,’ and others that give me few opportunities to reflect on my creative interests.