Deep Dive 1: Maker Faire App

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For my project, I focused on an event called the Maker Faire. It was a massive science innovation fair with 8000 visitors and hundreds of booths. It was held annually in New York Hall of Science. When I interviewed with my subjects, all of them mentioned that the event was quite overwhelming for them and that they had trouble navigating through the fair. This was especially troublesome for my teacher who had to take care of 25 students to make sure they were safely home at the end of the day. So I decided to come up with an app to help visitors at the Maker Faire New York navigate through spaces better.

This app features

  • a broad category of booths such as sustainability and food
  • a list of booths within those categories and booths’ descriptions
  • the Maker Map that directs them from their location to the booth that they want to go to
  • the Maker LIVE that gives the visitors a live view of each booth
  • a group chat that connects visitors to their peers
  • a tracking feature which allows visitors to know where their peers are