Beatrix Howe – reading response I

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Beatrix Howe

Before today I was nervous about how much work this class would entail, however after today’s class, I realise that whatever the work is I’ll really enjoy it, which really feels good.

I am slightly concerned about the group work outside of class. I have a pretty full schedule this week with many work shifts and am worried to inconvenience my group with my availability, however after talking to my group today it seems it will work out.

I found today to be a very useful introduction to design thinking. I had read the reading beforehand which I think made it easier for me to wrap my head around – even just having had to time to process the idea of there being so many things to consider in design helped. I also really enjoyed reading about the prototype of the bottle-feeding prosthetic, as it showed me that a prototype doesn’t have to look perfect, as long as it shows the general idea of the design.

I’m excited to become more familiar with the steps of design thinking – I see it really improving my productivity when it comes to designing, both in architecture (my major) and my personal life (thinking of new ideas).

Finally, I found it interesting that I have never been introduced to the steps: empathise, define, ideate, prototype, test; and yet after today’s class and the reading it makes so much sense to me to follow! I think it would help anyone be more creative and productive.