Cherylynn Lima – IDP reflection 1

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At its core, design thinking is a type of planning that helps one create better results and a better product overall. Design thinking’s strategy seems to focus on learning from one’s mistakes: it is the art of graceful failure. It teaches that in order to create good designs, one must iterate and be unafraid of those iterations: some will be bad, some will be horrible, but some will be great. The idea is that you must plough through the topsoil of mediocre ideation and search for the roots.


Another essential facet of design thinking is working and planning in teams. If the ultimate goal is to create a better, more versatile product, than 1 perspective will always limit an idea. One perspective is enough to start an idea, but without multiple perspectives, a product ends up being designed for only 1 type of person. With a team, empathy starts to play a vital role. When you can learn to think like another person, and when you start to care about another person’s opinions and needs, you can really begin iterating something new.


In summary, design thinking is an essential and constantly evolving tool that every person of every discipline should learn to foster– from the chef to the artist to the car mechanic. Every single discipline can benefit from a mentality of growth from failure and team efforts.