Claire Robertson – IDP 116 Reflection 1

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Claire Robertson

Coming into the class I was concerned with my lack of experience in design and design thinking. Being only a first-year I was mildly worried that the fact that I hadn’t really explored any of the design courses or other materials or activities at Smith yet would impede my ability to understand and participate in the class. After today, though, I’m no longer as worried as I was about this. Now I’m excited for my project with my group and learning about how to tackle human problems from a design-based perspective.

My thoughts on design thinking after the reading and today’s class is that it centers around the need, and change thereof, for new solutions to different problems- or improvements in modern life. I think back to the door example given in the video we watched today- design thinking is seeing the problem with the current doors confusing users about whether they should push or pull, and solving it by creating a new, clearer system of opening and closing doors. Design thinking forces us to view even the most mundane of objects and activities in a new light- namely, “How can I improve ___?” It is that philosophy that can be applied to other aspects of life as well. Especially since such a key part of design thinking is putting the design into the perspective of wide-spread use. It forces a more broadly human perspective on whatever it is that is being viewed through the design-based lens.