What I didn’t realize…

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In anticipation of this classes, I have tried to keep my expectations low and my mindset open because generally, this approach has worked well in preparation for a new experience. So far, so good.

As I read about the method and process of design thinking, many aspects were familiar. My grandfather was an inventor, so I came to know to know him more through the things he made than through the actual memories of him. I had not really thought about this way of knowing him until reflecting on parts of the reading.  Gardening tools, efficiencies for combustion engines and packaging machines were the main areas of his patents.  

I am attracted by the empathy, reflection and collaboration that are drivers in the design thinking process.  Problem-solving has been a favorite pastime of mine. I realized that I used a parallel process to design thinking in my business to create custom work for interior designers and their clients for over twenty years. The process was to meet in the client’s home with the designer, get a sense of what the client’s likes and dislikes were, review the designer’s vision and modify it as required, review pertinent samples from my portfolio of options that could be modified to address the design needs, and go to my studio to create a working sample (prototype) to the specifications that had been discussed.  Next, get feedback and make another sample to incorporate the feedback until there was approval and then finally, the actual project would begin.  The reading gave me a framework to reflect on my creative and collaborative design processes and on the thinking and theory that undergirded them.