Claire Robertson Reading Response 2

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Over the course of brainstorming and prototyping I’ve found that ideas can develop quite wildly and in directions that I never would have anticipated. My group began with a basic idea for a new kind of planer, but quickly that idea evolved to incorporate recording, and then focus on recording and printing- until the newest idea became nowhere near like the first. All of this is due to the application of design thinking- specifically empathy and attempting to work within what we believe that our user might appreciate and need the most. This can easily be applied outside of class as the skill of flexibility and implementing change depending on new information is critical to everyday life. Be it speaking with others to even the simplest of tasks such as buying groceries- all of these are dependent upon circumstances and the information and understanding of needs that you have at the time. Being able to develop along with the information and situation at the time is greatly important. As for change in perspective on design- at the beginning of class it felt like we were set on one idea and would simply flesh out that idea as we went along. So much in the same vein of thinking- the process has shown me just how much ‘developing’ goes into scrapping and starting over with a new, intriguing idea.