Response 2

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Elizabeth Muirhead

I wasn’t expecting to have my ideas develop so much during the prototyping phase of the process. After brainstorming and crafting an idea, we felt pretty confident that we had settled on something we were satisfied with and excited about. After building the first prototype, some of the flaws and missed features seemed so obvious to us. For example, the original design seemed too large to be practical. It was a type of printer, and the paper that came out of it was too narrow. Being able to hold the prototype gave me a better understanding of an appropriate size and how the features could be improved.

The class has given me a deeper appreciation for the importance of the brainstorming process. In the past, when I have written essays, I usually begin with an outline, and I don’t do any formal brainstorming. I just sort of play with the ideas in my head and let it come together as I outline. But I’m probably missing lots of ideas and connections between concepts by not allowing myself that time. In the coming semester, I am going to start giving myself 5-10 minutes to brainstorm before I outline essays. The brainstorm helps to generate ideas and connections that are less obvious because you allow yourself to express half thoughts and phrases instead of full ideas. When I make an outline, I use full ideas only, and if I have a half through that isn’t developed, I just cut it out.