Tsewang Chuskit- Response #2

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Throughout this week I learned how important it is not to underestimate any ideas that feel not necessary without sharing with others. Every person’s perspective is valuable, as it represents their experience. The more you share even your smallest or silliest ideas with your group, the easier it is to connect with your teammates and at the end, could very well help the team arrive at the best idea. I think that also applies not only in this design class but generally in any other types of group work.
During the process of our prototyping, one thing I’ve learned is before we start, we shouldn’t make assumptions or predict anything. For example, when you assume building one part of the prototype go quickly, only to find out that it was much harder than initially thought. Then all the unanticipated hard work may take more time and energy, and one may not be ready or well-paced for the next steps. It is necessary to share our big and small ideas with an open mind and enjoy the process of the making a prototype.