Krista Smathers-IDP 116 Response 2

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Krista Smathers

One of the most important things that I have learned from this class is how to improve group dynamics. I think that our group has really spent a lot of time working together, and I have learned lots from my teammates. What is most important is to rationalize many, many different ideas and to listen to everyone’s ideas in their entirety. I think we had a rough start at the beginning, only because all of us are very different and we had different ideas of what this project meant. Using the design thinking process to keep us all on the same page seemed to help us stay focused and motivated. This can extend beyond the scope of the class in that it stills draws a single, workable commonality between us as group mates. I think that realizing this will help me to collaborate in future groups and have more trust in teammates than I previously have had. When we work together to achieve a common goal, and we have a common process to do so, the results really prove the value of teamwork as opposed to individual ideas. In my future design processes, I will invite the collaboration and critique of others, because I recognize that these inputs can only make the final product stronger and more appealing to a variety of people.