Cherylynn – Reading Reflection 2

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This class has been my first real introduction to the process of design. I am a designer by trade: I design games and narratives. I’ve never really considered metacognition or what is meant to think about one’s thinking, I always just acted on it. And when I would act on it, I would act on it only using my own perspectives as a basis. I’ve learned, over the past week, that this is a limiting way of creation.

I’ve thus learned that the best way to design is with iteration: create, create, and create again. Design thinking embraces the failure as opposed to the successes: after all, what has success ever done for design? I’ve also learned that design is a process that should take place outside one’s mind: it should take place in visual aids like post it notes or journey maps. When you can see your thought process, you can pinpoint the weaknesses more easily.

Lastly, I’ve learned empathy and teamwork’s importance to creation. I rarely conceptualize in company, I usually create things in the silence of my head. But this class has given me the opportunity to experiment with thinking as a group instead of as an individual: the more minds that connect, the more possibility for diversity.

Overall, it’s been a very enlightening experience that I will carry into all my creative endeavors. I will try to push the idea of prototyping even the lowest-res versions of something before going full force towards a perfect idea.