As part of our curriculum enhancement grants, Bridging Divides is an instrument for supporting faculty teams from different academic divisions to develop two courses that run in tandem and allow students to work on a common design project. The grants are paired with faculty development workshops and year-long reflections on collaborative approaches to pedagogy.

We will amplify Bridging Divides next year by bringing together more teams of faculty pursuing collaborative teaching and cross-course bridging of this kind. Conversations and development of all ideas, big and small, will begin in January 2017 and faculty can express their interest or curiosity by sending us a message in the form.

If you’re still in the conception phase, let us know either way. We’ll be facilitating discussion and workshopping to help you develop your ideas along the way.

Ideas for collaborations in Bridging Divides could be:
– teaching the same unit in two concurrent courses to explore a topic using different disciplinary framings.
– bringing together unique skills or methods to more effectively address a problem in its entirety.
– shared readings and primary source materials across different courses to promote the synthesis of multiple perspectives.