Members of the Smith Community are invited to Capen Annex where they can collaboratively work on generating ideas and on creating “quick and dirty” prototypes.

To use the Prototyping Studio in Capen Annex you must first complete Level 1 Safety Training. Once your submission has been reviewed you will receive an email confirmation from capen (at) smithiesdesign (dot) com. If you’ve never been to Capen Annex, you’ll need to visit to complete the training.

Visit Capen Annex then download and review the safety training slides then complete the quiz below.

Download safety training slides

Reporting an Accident?

Send an accident report form to Zaza Kabayadondo zkabayadondo (at) smith (dot) edu;
with a copy (cc) to Margaret Rakas mrakas (at) smith (dot) edu. Download the Student Accident Report form here.

Vinyl Cutter’s are like magic! Imagine a precision blade that can create decals and stickers from rolls of sticky plastic. That’s exactly what a vinyl cutter does. It’s perfect for adding a finished touch to your prototypes, for labeling, or creating signs that combine graphics and font.

Designing for Vinyl Cutter

To get you started, Claire has created a quick guide for using the vinyl cutter. But before you can cut something, you have to design it!
Download Claire’s tips for preparing files to send to the vinyl cutter.

Beginners’ Guide

Once you’re ready to cut – follow Claire’s quick guide to setting up the vinyl cutter.

If you would like to learn how to use our laser cutter or our 3D printer, we are here for you! Please use the calendar link below schedule group or individual training or help sessions: