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About the Prototyping Studio



Located on the 2nd floor of Capen Annex, the Prototyping Studio is an experimental space that values making of all kinds, testing and iterating designs, and innovative solutions. We house an array of emerging technologies like laser cutters and 3D-printers, classic technologies like sewing machines and tools, and a friendly and help​ful​ student and staff team to provide instructional training, project consultation, and general​ly​ help you with your projects in the studio. To make an appointment with one of the Studio Staff, click on their name on the right!

Meet the Studio Staff!

Name: Matz
Pronouns: they/them
Majors: Engineering and Music ’18
Areas of Expertise: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting
Fun Fact: I once made an egg salad sandwich for Alec Baldwin.

To schedule an appointment with Matz, visit

Name: Laura
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Engineering ’18
Areas of Expertise: Laser Cutting, Vinyl Cutting, designing workshops for student orgs
Fun fact: I like crafty things — I made the rug in my room out of old t-shirts!

Laura has evening hours available. To schedule an appointment with her, visit

Name: Leo 
Pronouns: He/Him
Prototyping Studio Coordinator
Areas of Expertise: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Vinyl Cutting, Hand Tools, Project Consultation, Etc
Fun Fact: I finally learned how to snap my fingers when I was 31.

To schedule an appointment with Leo, visit

How to get Here!

We are located in Capen Annex at 25A Henshsaw Ave, behind Cutter/Ziskind house and diagonally across from Davis Ballroom for walking directions, click here


Studio Technology Training and Reservations

Training: Laser Cutter

We offer several times throughout the week for group training sessions on the laser cutter. This will introduce you to the basics of loading materials into the laser cutter, prepping your design files, choosing appropriate settings, and going over general safety. To sign up click on the GROUP TRAINING tab below.

Using the laser cutter requires learning the basics of design software like Illustrator. If you need help with learning how to design files for the laser cutter, please schedule a one on one appointment with one of the staff above.

Once you have completed the group training, you will need at least one supervised session with the studio staff to be able to work independently, which you can schedule by making a one on one appointment with one of the staff above. 

Studio Tech Reservations

Students, staff, and faculty that have been trained can reserve time on the laser cutter to work independently or to meet with a member of the studio staff for supervised use of our FormLabs2 3D printer. To learn about how to reserve time on either the laser cutter or the 3D printer, click on the appropriate tab below.

In order to accommodate the high demand for the laser cutter and to ensure everyone has access to the tool, reservations times will be capped during certain periods as follows:

Peak hours: (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) reservations are limited to 2 hours per week per user.

Off-peak Hours: (Mon-Fri 4pm-8am, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday)  there are no specific time caps, but please be considerate to others in the Smith Community when scheduling large blocks of time. In order to access the Prototyping Studio during off-peak hours, you must have completed the online safety training module, which can be found by clicking here

If you can no longer make your reservation time, please cancel immediately so that others can use the laser cutter during that time.


visit  or make a reservation below:

Only pre-approved materials, like the paper, fabric, wood, and acrylic sheets found in the Prototyping Studio can be used in the laser cutter.

If you want to use/bring in your own material, it must be approved by Leo Selvaggio, the Prototyping Studio Coordinator, prior to laser cutting. 

To contact Leo with questions about material, you can email him at or make an appointment with him by clicking here

The Design Thinking Initiative has a new FormLabs 2 SLA 3D printer. SLA printing is very different from traditional FDM 3D printing. It works by using a laser to cure liquid resin layer by layer to a build plate. SLA printing often leads to higher resolution prints, though it takes a little bit longer than the FDM method. You can learn more about the FormLabs 2 printer by clicking here

Animated gif of a FormLabs 2 3D printer in action: curing liquid resin layer by layer

Picture of FormLabs 2 3D printer with several examples of 3D Prints

Learning about 3D Printing

If you are new to 3D modeling and printing technologies, consider viewing/following along with this set of 3D printing tutorials. In it you will learn about how to successfully download 3D models to print, How to make your own 3D models from scratch using free and easy to use software, and learn about the fundamentals of 3D printing. 


All 3D printing sessions are supervised by a Studio Staff member to ensure successful prints and to safeguard the printer from any damage. 

To make a reservation visit or make appointment below: