SLIPS, or the Semester Long Iterative Prototyping Series, is a new workshop programming model created by the Design Thinking Initiative that follows a semester long theme and gives participants the opportunity to prototype, iterate, and fully develop their designs while being introduced to new technologies and making methodologies. Furthermore, Smithies can choose their own level of participation ranging from a single Intro workshop to a Semester Long pursuit!

Spring ’17 Theme

Designing for Others: Jewelry as Functional Wearable

Have you ever wanted to try lasercutting or 3D printing but not sure how to get started? In this series of workshops Smithies will learn how to use laser cutting and 3D printing to create jewelry that also doubles as a functional wearable. Using the fundamentals of Design Thinking, including prototyping, iteration, and most importantly empathy, participants will learn to design with the needs of others in mind. Consider the objects to the right as inspiration.

How SLIPS Works

You decide how much you want to engage! Each workshop will focus on a new technology or skill related to the theme and will run for 4 weeks, with an intro week and 3 additional development weeks. Take workshops all semester long and refine your skills, or just take the intros, your choice!

A fun, self-contained workshop. Learn a new technology or skill and make something from scratch. No additional commitment needed.

Build on the Intro Week by developing, iterating, testing, and fabricating your design!

Take more than one Workshop in the series and refine your design all semester long
while learning new technologies and skills. Engage even more deeply with the Design Thinking process!

Dates, Times, & Locations

Workshop 1: Lasercut Jewelry/Wearables

Intro Workshop: Fri, Feb 10, 10am-1pm, Imaging Center, Hillyer
Dev Weeks: Feb 17 – March 3, every Fri, 10am-12pm, Capen Annex

Workshop 2: 3D Printed Jewelry/Wearables

Intro Workshop: Fri, March 24 , 10am-1pm, Imaging Center, Hillyer
Dev Weeks: March 31 – April 14, every Fri, 10am-12pm, Capen Annex

Staff and Support

Andrew, Natasha, and Leo are the happy friendly staff members behind this semester’s SLIPS Programing. All are reachable via email and available for one-on-one coaching by appointment. Check out their bios to find out how they might be able to assist in your project.

Interactive Media Coordinator
Office: Hillyer 316
Phone: 413.585.3116

Andrew advises faculty and students on the use of Imaging Center resources and provides consultation for curricular and research projects combining art and technology. Contact him for questions about media creation and editing software, 3D design software, 2D and 3D printing and scanning, and web-based projects.

Visual Arts Digital Coordinator
Office: Hillyer 316
Phone: 413.585.3144 (VCRC)

Natasha provides digital support for students and faculty within the visual arts department. You can contact her with questions concerning large-format inkjet printing, scanning, and digital photography/video editing.

Prototyping Studio Coordinator
Capen Annex: 25A Henshaw
Phone: 413.585.4976

Leo coordinates the Prototyping Studio at the Design Thinking Initiative. He supports students with both personal and academic projects centered around making and is available for one-on-one consultation. He also introduces students to the various technologies at the studio, including Lasercutting, 3D Printing, etc.