Design Process for the Proposed Design Thinking Entrance

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I wanted to design an entrance that can serve as a gallery and a space for collaborative work before entering the design thinking space. From my previous analysis of Scott Gym, I noticed that the side door of Scott Gym is one of the elements that stands out the most. Because of this distinctive feature on the side facade of the building, I wanted the entrance to have one thing that stands out as well. I used a wavy roof for the building so that the roof is the one element that stands out. The windows below the roof align on the four sides of the window. The front windows that align with the door provide light and view from the outside and inside. By having the entrance faced the parking lot, I want the Design Thinking Space to have a more open entrance and direct foot traffic from lane leading to the side door to Belmont Avenue and Green Street. I wanted people to be able to see from both the outside and inside without showing the entire parking lot.  The windows are small enough that they provide people a view to the outside without the parking lot being distracting. The alignment of windows is important feature of Scott Gym. The smaller windows align with window mullions to create consistence of the alignment of windows of the original building.

Once you walk inside, you will see the exhibition space that has movable display walls with student work pinned up. You can walk around the gallery space, sit at one of the two study area, or go down to the design thinking space. Whether you use the stairs or the elevator go down, I want the gallery to be a space for people to stop and engage with space. I want visitors to engage and reflect in the creative process and other people’s work by writing down ideas and comments on the movable display walls. It is important for me that visitors can use the gallery space to share ideas. The arrangement of the space encourages movement in the space and gives people reasons to stop and look.

Here are some pictures of my design thoughts. This project got me thinking a lot about the function, movement, and aesthetics of a space. It was fun, long design process!

Playing around with shape of the building:


Thinking about the interior:


Thinking about circulation:


The model!



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