Design Thinking Entrance (DANA MAPLE)

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Zarah PostFor my design of the Design Thinking entryway I wanted to make a space that would bring the history of the space to light and start a conversation about how to take better care of the land. The landscape elements were just as important to me as the entryway it self because they work together to restore the land. I created bioswales to clear water run off from Scott Gym and the Design Thinking entryway, berms where wild flowers can grow, and a porous path to clean ground water. The goal is that different groups on campus will use this space to study the effects of experimental land remediation techniques. The entry way itself functions as a green house that captures its own light and heat. Inside plants such as spider plants will clean the air. The space next to Scott Gym where the entrance will be built is not an ideal building site but that reality is increasingly common and I want to find a way to create restorative, healing design that will inspire change in disturbed and neglected


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