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This course was extremely validating for me in that a lot of what design thinking is is similar to my own creative process, and it was exactly the direction and guidance that I need to push myself in a way that was constructive. I didn’t realize up until taking it how much I needed this class! I like that the focus was on the process and not a final product (since really, there are no final products, just iterations), and that it was the perfect balance of structure and freedom. I wish that it were continuing for longer, and that I was going to be here in the spring to take the next installment! I wonder if it would have been a different experience if more classes at Smith implemented design thinking, because I feel like this really should’ve been the first class I took at Smith, and not something I’m discovering my junior year. I definitely feel like it’s important for our studio classes, especially the architecture/landscape studies ones, to be reformatted to at least accommodate design thinking, and hopefully to make it central to the structure of the class and the department overall. I’m also hoping that there will be more design thinking classes when I come back from being abroad. I realized during the first lesson that the structure of a lot of the design classes here just really were not working for me at all, especially in comparison to this class, and which was a relief in that I realized I’m not bad at design, but also now I don’t know what I should take when I return. Overall, I just really loved this class and am so grateful for the opportunity and the realizations it afforded to me. Thank you Zaza!

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