Reflections- IDP 116

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I found this class very interesting. Instead of just learning about design thinking, I found that I also learnt a lot about myself. I have always been very interested in fostering creativity in elementary school settings, and I have felt as though schools need to have a larger emphasis on cultivating children’s creativity. Yet I have never thought out a plan or a method in which this could happen. Participating in IDP 116 allowed me to really explore what kinds of tools children with a more flexible schooling environment can benefit from. I learnt that design thinking is not only important for solving problems that exist in out environment, but also important for improving our environment by making existing tools become more efficient and beneficial to users. I enjoyed how this class forced me to find solutions to the problems I saw in the environment. Sometimes small changes, such as implementing small tools can really make an impact on larger variables. For example, creating a tool that allows children to interact with more ease in an environment that fosters their creativity can enhance the environment and allow the children to become even more creative. I like how this class taught me to try and think of innovative ideas and create something new that might not exist. I wish I had more time and more materials to explore how to create a fully functional environment that can truly foster creativity to the max. I wonder how this environment could be brought to several schools and how well this could impact children. I wonder what it may look like to examine children exposed to this “perfectly created environment that fosters creativity” versus the children that study in an environment that does not have a large emphasis on fostering creativity. It would be interesting to discover the true effects of a real life environment centered around enhancing the childhood wondrous experience while also implementing a strong love of learning in the children. I am excited to learn how this new outlook on solving problems will help me during my time at smith and allow me to seek out solutions to the problems I see in the environment around me.

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