IDP116 Reflection #1

In Reading Response by Liz Kneebone

I am really excited for the work we are going to do this week.  I am also currently enrolled in the Entrepreneurship J-Term class, and I am looking forward to see how these two seemingly different approaches to creative thinking intersect and diverge.  I’m thrilled that this week we will be tapping a bit more into the creative hardware side of things.

Design thinking is a lens through which I have never looked.  I am very curious to see what this week brings.  To look at design as an alternative method of communication, as a mediating factor between subject and object is a fascinating concept.  I think that looking at tools in this way is itself its own design, and innovation, that can create a very different design and entrepreneurial landscape wherein people are centered, and empathy is valued.  This is a very different model than that which is found in design in many spaces today, but I think this type of conversation opens up creative pathways that would otherwise be left unexplored.   This type of inquiry is an interesting push to a different way of laying a social landscape that could prove extremely effective.  The idea of our creations and designs being a reflection of a “conversation with materials” is one that I find incredibly compelling, and also creatively empowering.