IDP 116 Reflection 2

In idesign, Reflections - IDP 116-16, Think-Make-Do by Anisha Tyagi

What are some new ideas that have arisen from your applications of design thinking this week? How can these be extended beyond the scope of the class? What has changed about your process or perspective on design since the start of the class?

Elizabeth and I sewed a waterproof apron with built-in speaker controller. From each prototype, we learned something new about what we should improve in our next product. Our last prototype has started fraying on the sides, so Elizabeth decided to sew the apron up a second time. We discussed waterproof materials to use under the cloth so that the movement would be more fluid. We received some great ideas to cut the bottom of the apron to allow ease of movement. These suggestions are examples of the important developments that are possible when prototyping and testing. Prototypes are never bad. They are the path towards progress.

As a chemistry student, I have experienced failure while running experiments. This was, however, a hard learned lesson. Prototyping never happens in classroom environments. Each exam is a one-time chance to earn an A. If you make a mistake, you get points taken off. When prototyping, the mistakes are the only way forward. The same is true when researching. Mistakes made in the lab only make learning more constructive. Lessons aren’t forgotten after silly mistakes are made.

Before this class, I never really thought about designing, so I had little preconceived notions about what designing ought to be. After this class, I have learned the steps that a designer must take to make a new product, and I will take this knowledge with me when I am designing new ways to study the natural world.