Phoebe Little Response 1

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Phoebe Little

The process of design thinking is fascinating because it feels almost like putting words and organization to a process I’ve been engaging with my entire life. I like the idea of distilling the design process to a sequence of steps that can be repeated and used as a process outline for a wide variety of projects.

I particularly enjoyed the transcript included in the essay. This gave me a look at the human version of the design thinking process. It was a model of how communication and compromise are essential to a successful project. I also appreciated the way these team members embraced failure and entertained “bad ideas”. A single perspective is by its very nature limited so working as a team and considering multiple perspectives is essential to creating the very best final product.

I wasn’t expecting to jump into designing and building a prototype so quickly. I enjoyed the notebook challenge because it gave me an idea of what the design thinking process looks like. Time moved quickly so I was forced to put aside my perfectionist tendencies to create a product. Other projects will be more time consuming and challenging but this was a nice way to start my design thinking journey!

The rough prototype of the notebook I designed during our notebook challenge

This week I’m excited to dive deeper into the process of design thinking and challenge myself to become more creative. I’m someone that tends to enjoy working by myself so I think the teamwork element of the course will be challenging but ultimately rewarding.